Home Sweet Home

Okay so over spring break i have been cleaning up my house and slowly moving my stuff in, oh the horror of having to move in fast which is what will happen if i dont get it done this week. School being out this week is helpful to my moving process but very distructive to my de-stressing process. No relaxation over my break will be rough, but when i am in my much bigger, more convienient home i will be in a state of bliss. I would love though to go on a vacation like half on the people i attend school with, ahh florida would be nice right about now, rather than this pit of dirt and laundry im stuck in.

IMG_20130322_204523< trying to relax!



Found it!

I have found it!! I finally happened upon the perfect house for my family.  Its In town, close to my college, good price, spacious and three full bedrooms. It is an older house but I find it all the more intriguing for that. I will try to leave a link to Google maps so that you all can see it. Warning, it does have a huge tree in front of it so it’s a bit hard to see in the image. I am extremely happy, and will be packing up my house and moving in over spring break… wish me luck!



house hunting…Eww

So since I have talked to you all last, I have been looking for a new rent house. Oh the agony of looking at every for rent sign you run across and the house you enter to look at is nothing special, or too small, or my favorite of all, in the ghetto! Looking on craigslist and the local paper and finding nothing week by week is very disheartening.  At the point of pulling out my hair looking for a house and still on the hunt, but I will let you all know when and if I find one, until next time…happy hunting.

IMG_20130122_220924< teeth grinding irritation!


Notice of change!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing pinterest blogs for my very SMALL audience, but with my very busy schedule as a college student its just  not possible for me to keep up posting with those ideas. That being said, this is a notice of change for this blog. From this point foward i will be carrying this blog with me in “life as an nontraditional college student”. At this moment i don’t have a lot of ideas for that subject i just know it will work better for me. So here is  to hoping i can be interesting enough to keep my two steady readers (one of which is possibly my friend). I will try to keep it entertaining…

evelynmm  Smiles!!

Construction paper heart cards

Me and jr have had a very exciting week of making things for my blog, but I was a little behind and needed a quick idea for this one. I asked my junie what I should do and he said at school he does a lot of construction paper projects and its fun. So I zoomed through pinterest and found how to make a card with a heart in it and found one that was perfect for us. We made the heart card and he quickly declared it was for grandma! So we put her name on it and hand delivered it to her tonight, it was a quick and easy project that made him feel happy, proud and accomplished, does it get any better than that?

IMG_20130228_200625 IMG_20130228_200810

Hand dotted tumblers DIY

Keeping up with the vase ideas, I also pinned a dotted vase idea and tried it out this week. These were so cute on pinterest I wanted one personally, but I’m not the best with hand painting anything. Lucky for me it was just like finger painting, which made it fun easy and cheap, 3 very lovely things!! My finished product wasn’t quite as beautiful as the ones on the picture but I can appreciate my own work. An extra plus to these projects were that I found everything to do them with at the dollar store, so go on and make you one too.



Twine (yarn) wrapped vases

I found this pin bout a twine wrapped vase this weekend and I don’t have twine in my house… bummer. But I do have a lot of yarn in my house! So I grabbed some yarn and an old vase and got to wrapping the thing up. One thing I will say is that twine is probably easier to use in this project because yarn is not as thick and doubles up sometimes and twine I don’t think would. Other than the yarn being a little rough to wrap this was a fast, easy way to wrap a cheap glass vase and make it appear as if you spent a little more on it. I will definitely be doing this for Christmas….shhhhh.

IMG_20130228_204500 IMG_20130228_205209