My life is a constant cycle of stress, mother, wife, student and i handle it all with extreme procrastination. Its viscous really the way i allow laundry to pile up for homework or homework for housework. I cannot tell you why i do this to myself, I used to think i work better under pressure, but […]

New home problems again!

So as i am trying to settle into the new house i am running into thousands of problems, i bought the wrong length of curtain rods, the curtains were different colors, and the worst, my couches wont fit! I cannot help but be angry with myself for all of the things i forgot i did […]


The trouble with being a college student and a wife and mother is it turns into a lot to juggle sometimes. So most of the time when i find a show i like i have to wait until it comes on Netflix to watch it because i would lose track of the episode count on cable. I […]

Jr and the move!

The past week has been so crazy i didnt think much about what my son would think about the move. Jr acted fine on moving day, i think he didn’t realize what was  happening. I think it finally hit him the first night we stayed here, we were eating dinner and he asked me why we were […]

Back to school!

The Monday after spring break always sucks so badly, but with the big move happening as well it blowed! Thank goodness i only have one class on Monday’s because i may have died on arrival to my second. There are always flaws with renting a house that you may not see when you move in, but my bedroom window being in […]


I now know the reason that i have lived in one place for three long years, moving sucks!  I hate everything about moving, maybe it was my approach i don’t know but i hate how it ended up happening. I started packing slowly over spring break and bringing two or three boxes over at a time and unpacking, i did this […]

The new Crib

I thought i would make a segment about the inside of my house for you all.  I did mention a bit about the house being bigger and having three bedrooms, but i didn’t tell you why i feel in love with it. The house of my choosing is eighty years old and i love a good project! […]