How to “Cut” a bottle without cutting!

On my latest cruise through the pages of Pinterest I found a project to get very excited about…..if it worked. It is a pin about how to remove the bottom of a glass bottle without cutting it……Awesome, right? Well the post claimed all you would need to do so is some yarn, nail polish remover and a lighter. I of course bolted for the supplies as soon as I read it and gave it a whirl! I am very pleased to say not only did it work but it broke the bottle so nicely that you should only have to sand it a little and have a beautiful finished product. So (in pictures) here is my first time experience…

IMG_20130210_170107< my supplies! IMG_20130210_170212 IMG_20130210_170330 IMG_20130210_170419 IMG_20130210_170506


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