My life is a constant cycle of stress, mother, wife, student and i handle it all with extreme procrastination. Its viscous really the way i allow laundry to pile up for homework or homework for housework. I cannot tell you why i do this to myself, I used to think i work better under pressure, but i know that’s not true because i end up not finishing something.  I sometimes feel alone in this process because i have an overachiever for a spouse, though i love that he is driven it makes me dislike myself for not being as accomplished as him. Maybe ill get it together at some point!



New home problems again!

So as i am trying to settle into the new house i am running into thousands of problems, i bought the wrong length of curtain rods, the curtains were different colors, and the worst, my couches wont fit! I cannot help but be angry with myself for all of the things i forgot i did not once think about my furniture being a problem. I am literally at a loss for what to do with my recliner because my couch takes up so much space it will not fit into the living room. I have no idea what to do, my husband loves that recliner….ugh.

IMG_20130331_231841Half of my unreasonable couch


The trouble with being a college student and a wife and mother is it turns into a lot to juggle sometimes. So most of the time when i find a show i like i have to wait until it comes on Netflix to watch it because i would lose track of the episode count on cable. I have recently been enjoying desperate housewives and have now sat through all eight seasons ( i know i am so late). I am now sitting on the couch wondering what to do with my life without my favorite show. As funny as it seems, i will miss the show, but now i must also search for another show that will make life worth living…ahh the agony.


Jr and the move!

The past week has been so crazy i didnt think much about what my son would think about the move. Jr acted fine on moving day, i think he didn’t realize what was  happening. I think it finally hit him the first night we stayed here, we were eating dinner and he asked me why we were staying here tonight, to which i replied this was our new home and it was bigger and his reply was  “well why we not fit in the old house anymore?”. i laughed so hard it hurt, it always amazes me how my son sees the world around him and interprets it. I guess i will have to explain our move a little better to the little member of our household….haha.

IMG_20130316_162240jr helping move!

Back to school!

The Monday after spring break always sucks so badly, but with the big move happening as well it blowed! Thank goodness i only have one class on Monday’s because i may have died on arrival to my second. There are always flaws with renting a house that you may not see when you move in, but my bedroom window being in direct shot of street lights was not one. I have always been the kind of person who loves complete darkness and a cool room to sleep in so the lights gleaming in my eyes kept me up until three in the am and this day is getting worse by the lecture, thank the lord i can go home and sleep after this.




I now know the reason that i have lived in one place for three long years, moving sucks!  I hate everything about moving, maybe it was my approach i don’t know but i hate how it ended up happening. I started packing slowly over spring break and bringing two or three boxes over at a time and unpacking, i did this daily. Well by the time spring break was over i had almost nothing accomplished, so we literally had to wait until Saturday and move everything in one day! It was the most stress filled day of my life, boxes going and coming so fast i could not unpack them, people shoving my stuff carelessly into bags. I will never take the slow approach again, but the fast one almost killed me. So here i sit boxes to the ceiling wondering how i will ever get my new house straitened out.



The new Crib

I thought i would make a segment about the inside of my house for you all.  I did mention a bit about the house being bigger and having three bedrooms, but i didn’t tell you why i feel in love with it. The house of my choosing is eighty years old and i love a good project! I always fall in love with what i could do with a certain room or a section of the house. This house has a sectioned off room just for the fridge, its an awesome little space with glass cabinets! Also, in the living room, there are french doors that lead onto the screened side porch. Along with all of that there is a fireplace in the living room (cant wait for Christmas!). There is so much excitement waiting in this house, now just to get myself unpacked….ugh.